Savannah College of Art and Design

Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Printmaking, Magna Cum Laude | 2016



2019    Development Manager, Atlanta Contemporary (July 2018-present) | Atlanta, GA

2018    Development & Grants Coordinator, Atlanta Contemporary (July 2017-June 2018) | Atlanta, GA

2017   Visitor Services Associate, Atlanta Contemporary (August 2016-June 2017) | Atlanta, GA

            Print Assistant, Alee & Press  (Spring 2016-Spring 2017) | Atlanta, GA

2016   Gallery Assistant, MINT (Jan 2016-May 2016) | Atlanta, GA

            Print Studio Monitor, SCAD Printmaking Department (2013-2016)| Atlanta, GA| Lacoste, France | Savannah, GA

            President, SCAD Atlanta Print Club, SCAD (2015-2016) | Atlanta, GA

2015   Intern, MINT (Sept 2015-Dec 2015)| Atlanta, GA

            Intern, Atlanta Printmakers Studio (Sept 2015-Dec 2015) | Atlanta, GA

2014   Intern, Amplified Art | Raleigh, NC

2013   Assistant Printer, AhPeele Studios | Raleigh, NC



2019 Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) Nonprofit University

  • Certificate of Fundraising: Capital Campaigns (February 12, 2019—April 9, 2019)

  • NPO 230 | Nonprofit Fundraising & Resource Development (February 5, 2019)

  • MGT 120 | Transitioning from Tactical Manager to Strategic Leader (February 14, 2019)

  • MGT 150 | Understanding People, Building Teams (March 28, 2019)

2018 Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

  • Audience Building Roundtable (ABR) Initiative Member (2017-present)

  • ABR National Arts Marketing Project Conference Scholarship Grant Recipient (November 10-12, 2018)

             Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Atlanta Chapter (2017-present)

  • AFP Greater Atlanta Chapter Professional Development Scholarship (December 2018)

  • AFP International Fundraising Conference – New Orleans (2018)

  • Chamberlain Scholar – AFP Foundation (2018)

             YNPN Atlanta Chapter Member (2017-present)

  • Opportunity Grant Recipient (December 2018)

2017 Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) International Conference|Atlanta, GA

2016    Studio Assistant for Dana Haugaard, 68 x 18 1/2, Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery | Atlanta, GA

             Print Assistant for Mary Stuart Hall, The Topography of Text, MINT | Atlanta, GA

2015    Grant Writing Workshop, C4 Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

             Print Assistant for Serge Ruffato, SCAD | Lacoste, France

             Print Assistant for Fahamou Pecou, Deborah Chaney Editions | Atlanta, GA

2014     Best in Printmaking, Nebraska National Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibition, Eisentrager-Howard Gallery | Lincoln, NE

              Emerging Artist Award, Alexander Ink, SCAD | Savannah, GA

2013    Print Assistant for Kiki Smith & Valerie Hammond, SCAD | Savannah, GA

             Print Assistant for Ashley Nason, SCAD | Savannah, GA

2012     Honorable Mention, CAM Raleigh's First Teen Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh | Raleigh, NC

2011     Honorable Mention, N.E.W. Exhibition, Visual Art Exchange | Raleigh, NC



2019     engageMINT Fundraiser by MINT Gallery, Hathaway Contemporary | Atlanta, GA

2018     Material and Method curated by Megan Schaeffer, Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art | Augusta, GA

2017    InTouch: A Collection of Works by Past and Present MINTerns, Downtown Players Club | Atlanta, GA

             Orpheus: Never Look Back, Orpheus Brewing | Atlanta, GA

             Local Artists Night, New Acropolis | Decatur, GA

             Cherry Tomatoes, SCAD Alexander Hall | Savannah, GA

2016    SCAD Atlanta Open Studio, SCAD | Atlanta, GA

             Local Artists Night, New Acropolis | Decatur, GA

             New American Works 2016, Paper Plane Gallery | College Park, GA

             Hard Pressed, Fridge Gallery Pop-up (1193 Howell Mill Rd. NW) | Atlanta, GA  

             The New South, Kai Lin Art | Atlanta, GA 

             Two Pounds, Jack Arthur Gallery | Atlanta, GA

2015    dis.closure (MINT Culminating Intern Exhibition), MINT | Atlanta, GA

             SCAD Atlanta Open Studio, SCAD | Atlanta, GA

             EngageMINT Party by MINT Gallery, Mammal Gallery | Atlanta, GA

             SCAD Open Studio Night, SCAD | Lacoste, France

2014    SCAD Atlanta Open Studio, SCAD | Atlanta, GA

             Nebraska National Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibition, Eisentrager-Howard Gallery | Lincoln, NE

             Alexander Ink, SCAD Alexander Hall | Savannah, GA

             Not Goodbye, Foxy Loxy Print Gallery and Cafe | Savannah, GA

             SGCI Membership Print Exchange Exhibition | San Francisco, CA

             Prints for the People: Print Auction and Fundraiser, The Warehouse | Savannah, GA

             SCAD DeFine Arts Exhibition, SCAD Alexander HallSavannah, GA

             Love Is A Monoprint Exhibition, The WarehouseSavannah, GA

2013    SGCI Printmaking Fundraiser and Exhibition, Private Residence | Savannah, GA

             Alexander Ink, SCAD Alexander Hall | Savannah, GA

             Positive Space: Color and Lithography Exhibition, The Porch Savannah, GA

2012    Silent Auction for Equality NC | Raleigh, NC

             CAM Raleigh’s First Teen Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum of RaleighRaleigh, NC

             Installation collaboration with Jason Polan, LumpRaleigh, NC

2011     N.E.W. Exhibition, Visual Art Exchange | Raleigh, NC